Monday, April 18, 2011

Middle School

In my middle school years i partied! really First term of middle school i had all A's but my counselor (Dr. Summers) Told me it look great but he's not sure if im having enough fun and that he was ok with a couple B's so i slacked off the rest of my middle school career and since i wasn't working on my grades it gave me more time to cause trouble. in seventh grade i was more into fireworks and being a nuisance. In eighth grade i was more worried about girls then would have thought possible and constantly would bug Mr. Weidmann with drug references and beg mrs. Fraser to raise my grade. Im glad that year went fast and was glad it was over. over the 2 years i got countless lunch detentions and almost 20 In School Suspension. As commonly said those were the 2 worst years of my life.

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