Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Life

I was a great rule keeper until about 2nd grade. Me and my buddy's often got in constant trouble. It didnt help when our real teacher left to have her baby and the student teacher took over for the rest of the year cause we all know how bad student teachers suck. In third grade i stayed out of trouble thanks to a new best friend but in fourth grade the friend was in a different class and wasn't there to keep me out of trouble. In fifth grade he was in my class again and instead of him keeping me out of trouble it was more of me pulling him in trouble every few weeks or so. In 6th grade i was in trouble more than not, and was suspended multiple times. Ending my Elementary Carreer greatly and known by all ( at least at the elementry school) as Joe Rowberry the boy who won the fun run 2 years in a row, the Trouble maker, and the smallest bully in the history of provo!

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